Xrp Classic develops eco-friendly ReFi blockchain

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  • ReFi is a regenerative, stable approach to navigating the financial system 
  • In the new financial system, one can address climate change 
  • Xrp Classic has been audited by leading security firm SolidProof

After its launch, Xrp Classic is introduced as a carbon-free, environmentally friendly regenerative finance (ReFi) blockchain. ReFi is a regenerative, stable approach to navigating the financial system, which is aimed at liberalizing financial service access. 

Decentralized ReFi promotes the transition to a financial system where one can address systemic problems such as climate change, according to a press release.

A flourishing solution 

Xrp Classic aims to be a solution that will thrive as cryptocurrency exchanges mature by representing ReFi sector best practices. Currently, the platform is building its own ReFi blockchain to offer eco-friendly, high-speed transactions combined with minimum trading fees.

Audited by SolidProof 

Xrp Classic has been audited by leading security firm SolidProof, which confirms its credibility and the authenticity of its contract software. Xrp Classic’s ultimate goal is to integrate its ReFi blockchain into all facets to contribute to a decarbonized world. 

Greenhouse gas reduction is top investor consideration 

According to a report by PwC, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is a leading global investment consideration. Sustainability is becoming more and more important over time. Xrp Classic’s ReFi model is an essential part of the transition to low carbon.

Part of the transition to a low carbon economy 

After its Fair Launch in December, Xrp Classic was advertised on billboards in Times Square and featured on crypto exchange news and social media sources. Its ReFi blockchain solution is part of a worldwide transition to a low carbon economy due to a lower environmental impact on the crypto ecosystem.  

George Peter, Xrp Classic Community Director, stated: 

We can use advanced technology to minimize some of the damage we are doing to our environment. Xrp Classic is one type of technology that can transition to a circular economy, facilitating some environmental recovery.

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