Why Cronos (CRO) could be the best crypto bet in 2022

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A combination of a strong use case, low prices, and world cup sponsorship push up CRO’s growth potential

Key points:

  • Cronos is one of the few cryptocurrencies that have actual adoption, thanks to the Crypto.com wallet.

  • Cronos will get instant visibility to millions of people globally by sponsoring the upcoming FIFA World Cup in November 2022.

  • Cronos is currently trading at massive lows, creating an opportunity for long-term investors.

The cryptocurrency market is heavily bearish at the moment. The worst part is that with a top 10 cryptocurrency like Terra going to zero, it can be hard to tell what altcoins to buy and hold long term. While no one can tell what the future holds, the odds are that cryptocurrencies that have actual adoption stand a chance of doing well going into the future. That’s where Cronos comes into the picture.

Cronos (CRO) is one of the few cryptocurrencies with actual usage. Cronos’ best asset is the Crypto.com wallet, heavily adopted by cryptocurrency users globally. They can use it to store crypto, make everyday payments, and even trade crypto. With the adoption of Crypto.com ever going up, the value of CRO, the native token of the Cronos blockchain, stands to go up as well.

Is Cronos a good buy today?

Like the rest of the cryptocurrency market, Cronos has tanked in 2022. However, since the market is cyclic and bull markets follow bear markets, the bear market is a perfect opportunity to invest in Cronos.

Thanks to its strong use case and growing adoption, the odds are that Cronos will do well in the years and even possibly months to come. Besides, Cronos has some push factors to it in 2022 that many cryptos do not have. The FIFA World Cup is coming in November 2022, and Cronos will be among the official sponsors. This means before the end of the year, Cronos will have a level of global publicity that other cryptocurrency projects can only dream of.

If the broader cryptocurrency market is bullish at the time, this is an event that could easily trigger FOMO in Cronos and see it test price levels it has never tested before.

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