WAGMI Games’ upcoming Founder’s Packs to take place on OpenSea

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  • WAGMI Games aims to achieve mass adoption by seamlessly integrating mobile gaming, deep lore, and immersive storytelling.
  • The upcoming WAGMI Games’ Founder’s Packs are poised to make a mark in the evolving NFT ecosystem.
  • The WAGMI Games’ Founder’s Packs come with the fusion of artistry from Gadget-Bot and the promise of unique gaming experiences.

In a major development in the world of Web3 entertainment, WAGMI Games has announced the launch of their highly anticipated Founder’s Packs, set to take place on September 27, 2023, exclusively on one of the best NFT marketplaces, OpenSea, which recently announced the launch of OpenSea Pro.

WAGMI Games’ Founder’s Packs are the result of a collaboration with Gadget-Bot, an art studio renowned for its contributions to iconic franchises such as Transformers 4, Jurassic World, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty. This partnership promises a unique fusion of artistry and gaming, underlining the creative muscle behind the Founder’s Packs.

What do WAGMI Games Founder’s Packs entail?

Each of the 10,000 Founder’s Packs represents an unopened card pack containing a story-driven, playable character for WAGMI Defense, the first mobile game by WAGMI Games. These characters are more than collectibles; they are integral to the game’s narrative and gameplay. Players will be able to harness and level up these characters in WAGMI Defense, offering a dynamic gaming experience.

One standout feature of the Founder’s Packs is their hyper-deflationary nature. Once a pack is opened, it is permanently burned and removed from circulation. This scarcity factor adds an intriguing dimension to the NFT collection. As players open and burn their Founder’s Packs, the initial supply of 10,000 NFTs is expected to dwindle, making the remaining packs even more unique and sought after.

Founder’s Pack cards will be tradable on layer-2 marketplaces, including Immutable and Rarible, offering a secondary market for collectors. Additionally, unopened Founder’s Pack NFTs can be traded on the OpenSea platform. What’s more, anyone who mints and unveils a Founder’s Pack will gain exclusive access to the beta release of WAGMI Defense, providing an early taste of the game before its global launch.

For collectors and enthusiasts, the Founder’s Packs present a quest to assemble a complete set of all 32 legendary card versions available. These cards come in various rarities, including Rare, Epic, and Legendary, adding a layer of excitement for those looking to complete their collection.

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