Top Israeli firms host Building Blocks 23 event

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Building Blocks 23, a one-day web3-focused event set to bring top together developers and community members in the Ethereum ecosystem, will happen in Tel Aviv.

Details on the 7 February, 2023 ETH TLV event highlight three major Israeli companies as the hosts.

Accordingly, the Building Blocks 23 event will be organised by digital assets focused venture capital fund Collider, blockchain PR and marketing firm MarketAcross, and enterprise-grade crypto platform Fireblocks.

The hosts will collaborate with Israeli-based zero knowledge proof technology provider StarkWare, a press release shared with CoinJournal revealed.

The Who and what of Building Blocks 23

Building Blocks 23 is targeted at forming the foundations of Web3 entrepreneurship and will offer participants access to a series of events – including workshops and panel discussions. The organisers will look to guide representatives of various projects through the process of building successful Web3 businesses.

Among the topics to be covered are fundraising, product marketing, creating a security-first organisation and building teams and communities around projects. Valuable lessons on offer will be the art of building in Web3, mastery of leading protocols, and how to navigate the inevitable market turbulence.

Delegates will also learn from industry leaders on issues such as treasury management, sustainable tokenomics and effective branding.

Udi Wertheimer, a blockchain sceptic and Ethereum expert is on the confirmed list of guest speakers, as is Alon Muroch, CEO of SSV Network. There will also be speakers from across the industry, including from The Graph, Aave, Safe, Avalanche, and Solidus Labs.

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