Terra Classic community elects to cease USTC minting

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The Terra Classic community has voted in favor of ceasing all minting and reminting activities related to TerraClassic USD (USTC), with the objective of reestablishing a stable peg between USTC and the U.S. dollar.

In a recent proposal, the community voted with 59% in favor of discontinuing the minting of USTC, while approximately 40% were opposed to the change.

Terra Classic poll results. Source: Atom Scan

The move aims to safeguard the interests of both the community and external investors by reducing the supply of USTC, thereby contributing to the goal of a repeg.

In May 2022, USTC detached from the U.S. dollar. Subsequently, it caused Terra to experience a catastrophic decline, as Luna Classic (LUNC) was closely tied to USTC. 

LUNC’s value plummeted by nearly 100%, setting off a broader downturn in the crypto markets, resulting in the loss of approximately $40 billion in total market capitalization.

The proposal stated that it would lead major crypto exchanges to start burning USTC.

“Most importantly, this proposal opens the door for institutions like Binance to start burning USTC knowing that the minting and reminting is over,” the statement noted. 

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This comes after reports that the Terra Classic community is concerned about an uptick in spam following the decline in LUNC prices.

On September 10, Cointelegraph reported that the community is voting on multiple proposals, one of those being to raise the minimum deposit requirement from 1 million LUNC to 5 million LUNC.

The proposal ended on September 16, with 93.22% in favor of the minimum deposit requirement amount being increased.

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