stage 2 of the presale 50% sold out

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  • So far, the AltSignals presale has raised $1,124,969.8875.
  • At the current stage, one ASI token is going for $0.01875.
  • Stage 2 of the presale is 50% sold out less than 10 days after it was started.

The AltSignals presale is gaining steam amid the increased artificial intelligence (AI) hype. While the first two presale stages (Beta sale and Stage 1) took slightly longer to sell out, Stage 2 seems it could sell out in a week’s time.

The price of the new AltSignals’ ASI token has been rising across the presale stages and it has so far increased by 56.25%. At the start of the presale, the ASI token was worth $0.01200 and it is now worth $0.01875.

AltSignals AI initiative

AltSignals has become a market leader in the trading platform industry and is currently attracting a lot of attention from the cryptocurrency technology industry. Since its launch in 2017, AltSignals has established a reputable name for itself and amassed a sizable user base of more than 50,000 devoted members.

AltSignals’ initial trading tool AltAlgoTM has been key in assisting traders looking to identify opportunities with the accuracy required for maximum profits. However, it is not resting on its laurels but rather making strides with the introduction of a game-changing AI innovation dubbed ActualizeAI that will be powered by ASI cryptocurrency.

ActualizeAI is designed as a modern trading platform that seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to expand the functionality of AltSignals’ already top-notch trading tools. Machine learning is what makes ActualizeAI unique because it enables the system to quickly analyse a vast amount of market data, including investor sentiment and numerous indicators vital for predicting price movements.

ActualizeAI promises to be a game-changer by offering traders, regardless of their level of experience, precise and timely trading signals to maximise their investment returns.

Why invest in the new ASI cryptocurrency?

The ASI tokens will allow holders access to the ActualizeAI toolkit, which will be at the cutting edge of trading technology, once it is released. This is like having an all-access pass to a collection of cutting-edge tools and intriguing possibilities.

Additionally, AltSignals’s DeFi services are accessible through ASI tokens. These consist of staking opportunities, giving users the chance to receive rewards for using the network, and encouraging long-term holding. By participating in governance proposals through voting, ASI token holders can also have a say in the platform’s future direction, ensuring a decentralised and community-driven approach to decision-making.

The ASI token also offers exclusive access to the AI Members Club which offers even greater opportunities for the ASI token holders. This elite club is a unique community for astute and discriminating traders and investors, not just a regular neighbourhood. Members have exclusive access to early-stage investment opportunities in crypto technology projects, giving them a head start on potentially game-changing endeavours. Another essential component of this club is access to new tokens during presales and private sales.

The AI Members Club also serves as a hub for social interaction and competitive online trading tournaments where members can test their trading prowess and compete for sizable cryptocurrency prizes. Being able to test and use AltSignals’ most cutting-edge trading tools before they are made available to the general public is probably one of the most coveted benefits of being a member of the AI Members Club. Members are able to stay on the cutting edge and in the know thanks to this exclusive access.

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