Shiba Memu’s presale is nearly $2 million

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  • Shiba Memu has raised $2 million in a fast-happening presale

  • Investors have been thrilled by Shiba Memu’s AI capabilities set to make it a marketing powerhouse

  • Shiba Memu has a potential higher 1,000% price increase as the project gains popularity

Shiba Memu (SHMU) buyers are shy of the $2 million mark regarding the value of tokens bought. Since launching the presale a few weeks ago, token buying has been unstoppable. At this point, it is fair to say that buyers have huge bets for the new meme kid on the block. That positions the token to a potential price surge after listing. Investors can purchase the token via the project’s website

Is Shiba Memu the best meme cryptocurrency of 2023?

There are notable crypto names in the meme scene. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have been the top dogs for quite a while. Still, new names like PEPE debuted in 2023 and became instant sensations. Undoubtedly, the meme space has been growing fast. The market hit a market cap of $20 billion in early 2022 from $0 in early 2020.

Nonetheless, there has been a notable challenge for most, if not all, meme cryptocurrencies. They have yet to replicate gains and remain sustainable to generate lasting returns. For Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, a prolonged bear market has caught up with the assets.

The search for a meme token likely to remain powerful and deliver lasting returns is on. Shiba Memu looks like that alpha edge investors have been looking into meme investments.

Against the backdrop of enjoying the privileges of being a meme, Shiba Memu aims to be sustainable. The project is built with an artificial intelligence angle. With AI, the focus is to make Shiba Memu powerful and intelligent, capable of doing more than humans. Shiba Memu will write its own PR, devise a marketing strategy, and generate FOMO for itself. After all, meme tokens are mostly driven by hype. 

But think of what AI can do in creative advertising. It can crawl the web and find the best ideas in marketing. The AI can then package the information in a fun, friendly, and understandable manner. As an AI-led project, Shiba Memu will feature these capabilities. 

The added advantages of AI in Shiba Memu make the project one of the best in crypto right now. As such, Shiba Memu could be the unlikely hero of 2023 while the rest of the sector sleeps.

Is Shiba Memu a 10x investment? 

It is highly speculative how much potential a newly launched token could rise. However, a 10x increase in value is an understatement, as meme tokens have risen up to 50x. 

So far, Shiba Memu has been a presale king, hinting at how much potential the token has. Thus, the future of the token is huge, which could start to get realised after listings in 2024. 

The possible price drivers for the token are hype due to ingenious self-marketing and demand. As the world evolves through AI, we could see more demand being unlocked for Shiba Memu. 

The project also allows users to interact with the software through an AI dashboard. They can ask questions, give suggestions, and be informed of the latest in creative advertising. This could unlock demand and make Shiba Memu a more than 10x investment.

What are the benefits of buying Shiba Memu in the presale?

Shiba Memu’s presale is quite unique. The price started at $0.011125 and is now at $0.020575. The price of the token will be $0.0244 when the presale ends. The increases have been due to SHMU tokenomics. The tokenomics will see SHMU value double by the end of the 8-week presale period.

Essentially, Shiba Memu’s price increases daily at 6 pm GMT. This allows buyers to see investment increases for their tokens daily and have a meme vibe. At the end of the presale, investors will receive their tokens and be set for huge benefits as SHMU lists.

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