McLaren enters metaverse space, launches McLaren Special Operations (MSO) LAB

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British luxury car manufacturer McLaren Automotive has launched McLaren Special Operations (MSO) LAB as it ventures into the metaverse and Web3 space. The MSO LAB will house the exclusive, limited-edition McLaren NFTs whose first drop is expected very soon.

According to the official announcement from McLaren, the MSO LAB is McLaren’s first step into the metaverse and it was created to “explore the future performance.”

The MSO LAB will basically be a hub allowing like-minded members to collaborate in a digital community. It plans to unveil several other features like the addition of exclusive perks and rewards including a virtual tour at the MSO LAB technology center, members-only access to channels, and an invitation to special events held by the MSO LABS.

In the announcement release, McLaren Automotive’s Chief Marketing Officer, Gareth Dunsmore, said:

“We have created a new way to interact with customers and fans in the Web3 universe. McLaren Special Operations is McLaren Automotive’s in-house bespoke division so it is entirely fitting that MSO LAB will be our home where we collaborate in the metaverse and push the limits of possibility and design unencumbered by physical constraints.”

The upcoming McLaren NFT drop

The McLaren Automotive design team has joined hands with the MSO LAB team to create distinctive, limited edition McLaren NFTs whose upcoming launch shall include the Genesis Collection, a limited exclusive mint that shall feature an iconic McLaren car.

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