Gunzilla Games raises $46m in Republic Capital-led round

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AAA game studio Gunzilla Games raised $46 million in their latest investment round, which was led by Republic Capital, Coin Journal learned from a press release

Building the foundation for “Off The Grid” 

The new investment round will allow the studio to develop GunZ, a new platform that gives players complete ownership over their in-game possessions. It will form the basis of “Off The Grid” (OTG). 

One of its standout features is “in-game item trading.” Players will be able to buy new in-game items from other players, which wasn’t possible before. 

Jump Crypto, Animoca, KuCoin Labs among investors 

Among the major participants in the investment round were Jump Crypto, Raptor Group, Griffin Gaming Partners, Animoca Brands, CoinFund, Shima Capital, KuCoin Labs, Spartan Investment Group, Dominance Ventures, and GSR.

Others include AlphaCrypto Capital, Blizzard, Gamegroove Capital, Digital Strategies, Morningstar Ventures, NGG, and Huobi Group, who will aid with the maintenance of the project’s technical infrastructure.

Changing the core gaming experience 

Gunzilla will never conceal game features or progress behind a monetized paywall or sell NFTs directly to players. Trading is entirely optional. The creators of the game believe that the new platform will transform players’ core gaming experience. 

Gunzilla cofounder and CEO Vlad Korolev said: 

In today’s free-to-play games, nothing you pay for is yours. You don’t and can’t own anything. For example, players who are banned can lose all of their items, even if the ban was accidental. When you stop playing a free-to-play game, your investment in it disappears. We are re-inventing the system, putting the power back in the hands of gamers.

Players will be able to trade clothing items and accessories, customized weapons, unique characters created by them, and more in-game.   

Brian Johnson, a Senior Director at Republic Capital, added:

We believe in the supremacy of free-to-play games and that Gunzilla will lead by adding an optional crypto element to these games. The future of crypto gaming will include next-gen consoles, and we believe Gunzilla will allow this to happen with ease.

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