CyberHarbor price jumps to all-time high as Indodax lists CHT

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  • CyberHarbor token CHT jumped more than 200% to a new all-time high on Wednesday morning.
  • The CHT price gains followed Bitcoin’s bounce to the $29k level, and as sentiment turned positive for CyberHarbor after listing on Indonesia’s largest crypto exchange indodax.
  • But the token traded near $15 at the time of writing as profit taking increased.

CHT, the native token of blockchain monitoring network CyberHarbor, rallied to a new all-time high early Wednesday as the entire crypto market turned green. 

CyberHarbor price touched the $34 peak on June 21 as Bitcoin raced to the $29,000 level for the first time in weeks.

CHT token rides crypto rally to ATH: What drove the price higher?

CyberHarbor price rose sharply after news of a major institutional push for further crypto adoption via spot Bitcoin ETFs, led by global asset investment giant BlackRock, catalysed the latest crypto bounce. After flatlining for much of the last three months, CHT price pumped to $34 to bring weekly and 30-day gains to over 200% and 800% respectively.

While most of these gains occurred in the past day, momentum for CHT appears to have been building over the past few days. This is likely due to the token being highlighted for listing on indodax, the biggest Bitcoin and cryptoasset trading platform in Indonesia. Prior to this, CHT was traded on the BTCEX exchange.

As of writing, CHT had pared most of the gains, losing over 58% of upside as it appeared profit taking deals were mounting.

What’s CyberHarbor?

As noted above, CyberHarbor CyberHarbor (CHT) is a decentralized network that offers real-time anomaly monitoring. The multi-chain tool is capable of detecting real-time threats across platforms in the crypto and Web3 ecosystems, including in DeFi, oracles, cross-chain bridges and governance.

The platform’s blockchain-powered technology achieves this through transaction scanning and security testing for block by block changes. That occurs in metrics such as token and token holder transaction information and short-term security tests.

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