CHANCER presale price set to hit $0.013 as Rollbit Coin drops 21% in a week

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  • The market cap of the top gambling tokens by market capitalization has dropped by 8.86% today.
  • Rollbit Coin (RLB), the largest gambling token by market cap has dropped by 10% in 24 hours.
  • CHANCER, a cryptocurrency of a new decentralized betting platform, is rising in popularity even in its presale.

Top gambling tokens by market cap including the Rollbit Coin have taken a hit even as the crypto gambling market expands. Notably, a new decentralized betting platform, Chancer, is causing waves with its futuristic decentralized betting platform. As a result, its native token, CHANCER, has attracted the attention of crypto investors in droves.

Interested buyers are flocking to the ongoing CHANCER presale, with the token currently selling at $0.012 but expected to rise to $0.013 in the next presale stage.

What is Chancer and why the hype?

Chancer is on the verge of pioneering the world’s inaugural decentralized social betting platform. With this groundbreaking innovation, Chancer token holders will gain the ability to craft and partake in wagers tailored to their interests, expertise, and social connections.

The overarching objective of this project is to disrupt the global gambling and betting landscape by eliminating the traditional “house” and claiming a portion of the market share. Chancer is set to challenge the established bookmaking and betting business model as it gains widespread attention.

Chancer’s betting mechanisms encompass two distinct approaches: conventional Betting which involves wagers on well-known events such as NBA games or global occurrences like elections, and social Betting (P2P Betting) which allows individuals to engage in friendly competitions, whether it’s two tennis players facing off or a weightlifting contest at the local gym.

Social betting, one of Chancer’s standout features, permits people to bet on any verifiable event, opening up an array of possibilities for everyday scenarios.

The initial development phase has prioritized private bets, confined to the bettor and any additional participants, while public betting, which can be live-streamed, is the next focus for the development team. Furthermore, the product team is actively working on data validation using nodes, enabling individuals to place bets on global events like the aforementioned NBA game, ensuring transparent and actionable outcomes for payouts.

To accommodate a wide spectrum of use cases, ranging from social betting to globally broadcasted wagers, the Leaderboard User Interface is well into development. This feature empowers bettors to share their winnings within their social circles and cultivate a reputation within the broader Chancer community.

In conjunction with the Leaderboard, the User Interface team has completed work on user profiles, providing bettors with the means to engage in private and public contests seamlessly. Additionally, the Social Sharing feature, powered by Google’s WebRTC technology, enables Chancers to broadcast their bets and spark viral trends. Participation is open to anyone who meets the minimum liquidity requirement to match their odds.

To commemorate the achievement of the initial UI and UX milestones, the team is showcasing their progress on the website product page and has announced a series of upcoming updates, including Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with the community throughout September. The team also recently unveiled a product teaser, generating anticipation for the exciting developments ahead.

Rollbit Coin price outlook amid the drop

According to spotonchain, a whale today swapped 2.56M RLB tokens for 191.6 $ETH at $0.12 ($313K) after the RLB price dropped by 10% in 24 hours. The whale then swapped 193.31 $WETH and 192.4 $ETH for 493.14 $MKR at $1,278 on average ($630K).

Rollbit Coin price chart

However, despite the recent RLB token price drop, analysts still see a possible upward movement owing to Rollbit’s robust performance, notably in its casino revenue segment, as indicated by the insights of the prominent Twitter analyst, Miles Deutscher. There is also the record-breaking token burn rate and untapped potential in futures and sports-related revenue.

The Rollbit has recently witnessed remarkable growth, amassing an impressive $1.35 million in casino revenue within the past 24 hours, as reported by the reputable crypto and finance analyst, Miles Deutscher, on his Twitter account. This extraordinary revenue generation bodes well for the future of RLB, as it gains increasing traction in the marketplace.

Deutscher astutely pointed out the remarkable resilience of RLB’s casino revenue, which has not only compensated for the low volatility seen in the crypto markets but also proved to be consistently lucrative. This observation is of significant import, suggesting that RLB has secured a stable and prosperous revenue stream, independent of the frequently unpredictable conditions within the crypto realm.

Deutscher also shed light on the fact that the rate of token burning for RLB has reached unprecedented levels, with a staggering $5.6 million worth of tokens incinerated over the past month. Token burning, a strategic mechanism employed by crypto projects, serves to diminish the total supply of tokens, thereby increasing scarcity and potentially boosting their value. This high burn rate could be indicative of robust demand and a thriving ecosystem for RLB.

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