Chancer presale hits $420k amid positive crypto sentiment

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  • CHANCER presale has hit $421k days after launch to demonstrate the huge demand among investors.
  • The predictive markets platform is expected to go live later this year, with experts noting its potential to change the global betting industry.
  • For investors, buying $CHANCER at the current price of $0.01 offers could be a great opportunity.

With the broader crypto market looking for a foothold amid predictions of a bullish flip, Chancer’s presale has notched past the $420k mark to highlight the overall market sentiment.

More aptly, the blockchain-based predictive markets platform has seen over 42.1 million of its $CHANCER tokens sold out just days into its recently launched presale event. Could Chancer offer that new opportunity that investors are hunting for ahead of the next bull cycle?  

Early birds can find out more here.

Bear markets are for building – and investing

Bitcoin price staying above the $30k level and looking likely to target the next resistance at $34k is a great encouragement for bulls. The same can be said of Ethereum, which has moved closer to regaining the $2k level in recent weeks amid the spot ETF-driven bullish momentum.

However, the broader acknowledgement is that the market hasn’t completely turned the corner from the 2022 bear cycle. Yet this in itself is an opportunity for projects and to a larger extent investors, with bear markets seen as the time to build, or BUIDL as compared to the common HODL.

Projects that build during market downturns often have the ample time to focus on product development, taking into account roadmap goals to deliver. And for investors, the bear market often accords the opportunity to buy low and position oneself for potential windfall when the bulls come charging.

Could Chancer be one of the projects? Highly likely as the team leverages the pre-bull market phase to bring to market a potentially industry-disruptive platform.

What is Chancer?

Chancer is a blockchain-based predictive markets platform that aims to become the global destination for decentralised betting.

Leveraging the blockchain technology and a crypto token will bring the benefits of a truly decentralised market, with holders of the native $CHANCER participating in future developments via a governance structure.

As for how Chancer works, the key is in its removal of the power of the bookmaker. Instead of the centralised control that sees bookmakers decide which markets and odds to offer to bettors, Chancer takes that power and hands it to $CHANCER holders.

On Chancer you don’t suffer the restrictions of traditional betting platforms – its “your game, your rules, your odds.” 

In short, participants create their own prediction events, set the odds and rules. As a peer-to-peer (P2P) betting platform, you can invite family and friends. What’s more there is a feature that allows users to broadcast their markets to more participants across the world, increasing the predictions and prizes.

Why would investing in Chancer today be worth it?

The global betting industry is a massive market, with estimates for the next five years projecting a 10% compound annual growth rate. The adoption of blockchain technology across the sector is rising, with Chancer offering the most revolutionary platform.

While it would be unreasonable to predict $CHANCER to the moon now, the anticipation building around the project is massive. And with the token price currently only $0.01, buying now might be the best opportunity to maximise on the potential gains if fresh market demand catapults it to $1 or higher in 2024.

As noted, the wider sentiment is that a bull market is slowly gathering pace. If Chancer rolls into the market via the scheduled exchange listings after the presale, and the platform launch happens as expected, then a pop to new highs in 2025 would be highly likely.

If you bought $CHANCER today, 100% gains would be locked in when the token jumps to $0.021 at the end of the presale later in the quarter.

Can you earn passive income with Chancer?

An opportunity to earn passive income on the investment is one of the key features investors will fancy $CHANCER for.  Other than the anticipated gains on the value of the token as future demand pushes prices higher, holders can also earn passively through staking.

One can run validator nodes to support the network transaction processing and security and earn a reward from it. Node operators will earn 50% of the reward while those staking with the particular node will get the other 50%. Other than staking $CHANCER, users can earn from the Share2Earn program.

 You can learn more about Chancer on their website.

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