Binance Brazil is being investigated for suspected pyramid schemes

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  • Binance has been under fire from regulators in the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, and now Brazil.
  • Binance.US and its legal team have, however, alleged that the SEC issued misleading statements in the lawsuit.
  • Besides pyramid schemes, Binance is also being investigated for helping customers get around a restriction on crypto derivatives investments in Brazil.

On June 21, Brazilian Deputy Alfredo Gaspar called for Guilherme Haddad, the head of Binance Brazil, to appear before the legislative arm of the Brazilian government as part of an investigation into possible pyramid schemes in the country.

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) is expected to decide whether to allow or deny Gaspar’s request of having Haddad appear before Parliament, on June 27. Depending on the results of the vote, Haddad might be required to appear before the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies.

Gaspar’s request to parliament read:

“We can deduce that Binance is entirely imbricated with the motivation of this CPI and it becomes fundamental to understand its performance in the country, its relationship with B Fintech (its official representative), as well as its connection with companies that are judicially liable for harming Brazilian consumers.”

International regulatory pressure mounts on Binance

Brazil is calling for investigations into Binance as the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world battles increasing international regulatory pressure. Regulators in the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, and now Brazil have all unleashed their wrath on Binance.

According to Gaspar, Binance assisted Brazilian pyramid schemes by transferring assets on March 11, 2023, when “the So Paulo Justice blocked R$ 500 thousand reais in Binance for a suspected pyramid.” He emphasized the significance of comprehending Binance’s activities, its connection to B Fintech, and any potential ties to businesses currently involved in legal disputes that harm consumers in Brazil.

Brazilian regulatory authorities claimed that Binance is under intense regulatory scrutiny worldwide as a result of “the company’s failure to respond to the regulation imposed by each country,” which is why they are proposing the summons.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office and Federal Police are also looking into Binance’s operations in Brazil for possibly helping customers get around a restriction on cryptocurrency derivatives investments.

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