analyst says AI is an “internet moment”

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  • Analyst on AI: It’s transformational and an internet moment that could spark further growth across major tech companies.
  • AltSignals is integrating AI-powered trading signals into its platform.
  • The price of ASI will increase by 51% between the current and the final presale stage.

AltSignals is about to enter the next stage of its presale event, so far successful given investors have scooped nearly 80 million ASI tokens. But what do experts say about the AI play in mainstream tech space and what are the implications for crypto projects leveraging the narrative? 

Google said on Thursday that it welcomed regulation of the AI industry, with head of Google Cloud Thomas Kurian telling CNBC the tech giant’s engagements with EU regulators has been productive.

Elsewhere, Dan Ives, the managing director and senior equity researcher at Wedbush Securities, noted AI wasn’t just hype but technology that was set to be transformational over the next 20 to 30 years.

Notably, Ives’ bullish stance is down to the fact that tech behemoths backing the new trend are far more fundamentally resilient than the hype that impacted projects during the internet bubble.

In a CNBC interview aired on June 28, the Wedbush analyst pointed to Nvidia, Meta and Alphabet – soaring stocks as the companies are all expected to level up on their AI-informed guidance. The industry could see upwards of $1 trillion in inflows, Ives explained.

According to him, it’s an AI gold rush only paralleled by the 1995 internet and 2007 Apple iPhone breakout.

AI predictions and what it means for AltSignals?

Experts see regulation and belief in artificial intelligence among top global tech companies as indicative of the power of AI.

In a burgeoning sector such as crypto, it could be massive. Positioned for the expected upward trajectory is trading signals company AltSignals, which is leveraging AI to bring extra benefits to investors within the trading industry.

AltSignals in a nutshell

As a project, AltSignals launched in 2017, offering manual trading signals for traders on markets such as forex, stocks and crypto. The company provided these via its proprietary algorithm AltAlgo. The success of the platform has seen it grow to a popular provider of market signals, boasting an expanding community of users.

Yet, AltSignals might be poised for even more growth after incorporating an artificial intelligence layer dubbed ActualizeAI. The AI-powered platform is taking all the signals and putting them into a suite of AI tools that leverage machine learning and natural language processing to improve on accuracy.

ASI is the native token that will power that ecosystem, giving holders membership access among other benefits such as the chance to earn passively from staking and governance.

Is buying AltSignals’ ASI token worth it?

AltSignals is in presale, with over $100k raised in its beta stage. The current stage is 95% sold out and investors have backed the team with $1.03 million out of the targeted $1.08 million. With only 5% of stage 1 to go, investors have a very small window in which to buy ASI at current prices of $0.015.

When the next stage rolls in, the token’s value will jump to $0.01875. ASI’s value will have jumped by 56% in just a few weeks. In the end, the AltSignals presale is expected to finalise with ASI token price at $0.02274 – a notable 89% increase from the initial price of $0.012.  

Indeed, an investor who buys ASI today will still see a 51% upside on the value of their investment.

There’s much more information on the AltSignals page that investors can sieve through as they look to invest in this project. If you are interested, you can visit the page here.

Will AltSignals price reach $5 by 2024?

Crypto analysts suggest the crypto market could rally hard after the SEC approves the first spot Bitcoin ETF in the US. For a timeline, one analyst points to a potential upside over the next two months into the expected SEC deadline.

This could be crucial for AltSignals, which expects ASI to go live on exchanges in Q3, 2023 with listings on Uniswap, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. The roadmap then highlights listing on Bybit and Binance in early 2024. Delivering the project’s developmental milestones, and combining these with bullish market conditions could catalyse ASI price higher.

In 2023, the main target could be psychologically desired $1, while a push from here in the next twelve months could put bulls on course for $5. These projections are however dependent on market conditions and whether AltSignals’ AI play delivers. Growing the user base from the current 52,000 or so could be the first step in this direction.

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