AltSignals revolutionizing the trading signals industry through blockchain and AI

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  • AltSignals is riding the AI hype with its blockchain AI-powered AI ecosystem.
  • The project is currently conducting a presale for its native token, ASI.
  • The ASI cryptocurrency will be the backbone of the AI ecosystem.

Artificial intelligence has become quite a sensation and it is taking over almost all industries. From OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot to Elon Musk’s xAI Company and the recently launched Worldcoin cryptocurrency, AI is becoming a force to reckon with.

Although widely seen as a reserve of big tech companies like Google and Microsoft, blockchain startups are also leveraging the power of AI to streamline their services. One such startup is the AltSignals, which has been providing financial market traders including cryptocurrency traders with trading signals since 2017.

Five years of providing trading signals

Thanks to its high-end trading toolbox, AltSignals has drawn a sizable and devoted community of online traders since 2017. Due to its incredible success rate when disseminating trading signals, the AltAlgo indicator has assisted day traders in 10xing their portfolios.

AltSignals originally used the AltAlgo indicator whose algorithm examines price movement to predict when it is optimal to buy or sell cryptocurrency tokens. This can enable anyone to progress as a trader without having to invest a lot of time in their trading education.

AltSignals is currently broadening its selection by releasing a number of new AI-powered technologies that increase the profitability of its trading signals.

AI-generated trading signals

With a ground-breaking upgrade supported by cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and advanced sentiment analysis, AltSignals is ready to take its already prosperous trading signals generation business to new heights with its new AI-powered ActualizeAI project.

With the help of these cutting-edge technologies, traders will have access to completely automated, round-the-clock trading that will increase accuracy, trade entry, clearly defined risk management and confluence clarity. To complement trading activities, advanced sentiment analysis will also be supplied.

ActualizeAI is intended to revolutionize the trading game with machine learning. Its algorithm will be expertly trained to identify patterns in market data, giving traders the edge they need to make informed trades.

The team behind the project also anticipates moving towards predictive modelling once they have fully deployed the regression models.

ActualizeAI combines both AI and blockchain technologies. Since AI can process data considerably more quickly than the human mind, it can provide outstanding trade signals quickly and reliably.

Besides receiving precise trading signals, traders will also be required to own the ASI cryptocurrency to join the ActualizeAI Club which will offer members access to the newest trading tools as soon as they are released by AltSignals, the option to partake in trading competitions for the chance to win bitcoin incentives, and much more.

Is AltSignals a worthwhile investment?

With significant initiatives being worked on by Microsoft, Alphabet (Google), and OpenAI, AI has entered the mainstream in 2023. AltSignals has a similar strategy, utilising AI to upend the trading sector.

AltSignals has an advantage because it was founded in 2017 and has experience.

ActualizeAI by AltSignals will combine machine learning and natural language processing with the existing popular AltAlgoTMtrading indicator.

The project’s devoted community of 50K signals users raised over $100K during the beta stage of the presale after which more and more crypto investors have poured into the ongoing ASI presale that has so far raised a total of $1,213,312 with two presale stages to go. If you are interested in purchasing the ASI token, you can do so here.

Delivering consistent, extremely precise signals every day for both traditional and cryptocurrency markets from a single platform and source of truth is expected to push AltSignals’ success even higher in the coming months. This will also impact the value of the ASI cryptocurrency, which is at the core of the entire AltSignals’ AI ecosystem.

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