AltSignals price forecast 2023: How attractive is $ASI in the presale?

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  • AltSignals is a profitable trading service with more than 64% signal accuracy. 

  • AltSignals has raised $1.3 million in presale as investors show interest in AI trading

  • $ASI token has been lauded as a 10x investment ahead of Uniswap listing in Q3 2023.

2023 has been a year of twists and turns in crypto. Major cryptos have underperformed, but newly launched projects have found a soft landing. This means Investors are looking for projects out of the ordinary. Cryptocurrencies with the potential to surge strongly in the next bull cycle have benefited. AltSignals ($ASI) has been one of them, with a fast-selling presale suggestion of high investor interest. $ASI has raised $1.3 million in presale amid a huge interest in its new AI-led trading platform.

AltSignals’ AI application in trading

Artificial intelligence is growing and finding applications in numerous sectors. Trading has been one of them, with Altsignals the latest to jump into the AI bandwagon. The company is creating an AI platform dubbed ActualizeAI. Investors will hold $ASI tokens to become a member of ActualizeAI.

AltSignals is a profitable trading signal provider in the UK with half a decade of existence. The company covers financial instruments ranging from forex, stock, and cryptocurrencies. Up to now, AltSignals has been using an algorithm indicator AltAlgo™ to generate trading signals. The company generates signals with an average accuracy rate of 64%. 

With AI, AltSignals expects to cover more trading instruments and increase the quality of its signals. In the trading world, AI has been used for generating quality signals. This is achieved through machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive modelling. AI is also devoid of human emotions, enabling traders to make better decisions in trading.

The AltSignals team believes AI will supercharge earnings and give investors more value for money. $ASI, the token of the AI-powered platform, will be the unit of exchanging value. This includes allowing investors to participate in the governance of the platform. Members can earn more tokens by contributing ideas through an AI Members Club. There are also trading competitions where investors can improve their trading skills and earn $ASI.

$ASI prediction and investment opportunity

$ASI has a huge opportunity to succeed, given that it powers an already successful trading platform. Success is illustrated by its over $52,000 followers on Telegram and 1,400 VIP members. That gives $ASI a headstart as it gears to list on Uniswap in the third quarter. 

But the future growth of AltSignals depends on how much it continues to attract users. With a blockchain and AI angle, the visibility of the platform could grow. As more members join to benefit from the trading signals, the value of $ASI could skyrocket. 

It means that AltSignals is an ideal investment for investors looking for a token with real-world utility. The token can deliver consistent returns and sustainable returns on increased use of ActualizeAI.

Predictably, analysts expect $ASI to close the year at $0.20. The current price for the token is $0.01875, implying an increase of nearly 1,000%. An increase of this magnitude happens quite often with newly launched tokens. This means $ASI has a real chance to rise by 10x, per analysts’ estimates. 

While this thesis finds $ASI with such a realistic potential, the increase could occur in the medium term. Potentially, the increase could occur over 2024 as the use of the platform grows. In 2023, a price increase of three-digit percentages would be more realistic. 

Should you buy AltSignals in August?

AltSignals presale is happening first, while the token listing is fast approaching. $ASI’s value could increase exponentially after listing. Investors might be forced to pay a premium buying a token on exchanges than on presale. 

An ideal investment decision is to buy $ASI when the price is still low on presale. This allows investors to benefit from a possible rise in value when the token is listed.

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