AI to disrupt all industries as AltSignals token sale raises over $1M

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  • Officials at OpenAI believe that artificial intelligence will disrupt all industries. 

  • The Chief Operating Officer expects the tech to lead to major layoffs.

  • AltSignals has raised over $1M in its highly successful token sale.

Artificial intelligence is one of the most disruptive industries of our time. Some analysts are comparing it with the innovation of the smartphone while others believe it is equivalent to the introduction of the internet. In a statement, Brad Lightcap the COO of OpenAI, warned that the industry will likely lead to substantial job losses in the future. He said this as AltSignals raised over $1 million in a token sale.

AI will disrupt all industries

Analysts believe that the artificial intelligence industry will disrupt all sectors of the economy. Today, many brand new cars have incorporated AI that help people improve their driving skills and reduce accidents. Companies like Tesla and General Motors use AI and machine learning to power their self-driving vehicles.

Similarly, news organizations like BuzzFeed are using AI to write content while Grammarly is helping content writers identify mistakes. It is also possible to write quality content using AI platforms like Bard and Bing. 

In a statement, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT said that he believes that many jobs will be eliminated as companies embrace AI. He said:

“Every large company has an army of people that read and review contracts for revenue recognition purposes, for example. You may not have that job. That may not be a job of the future.”

Studies believe that the AI industry will be worth trillions of dollars in the next few years. Data compiled by Statista shows that the industry was generally valued at $95.2 million in 2021 and that it will hit over $1.8 trillion by 2030. Today, several AI companies like C3 and Nvidia have become multi-billion dollar entities.

AltSignals to disrupt finance

Another area that will see disruption is in the financial services industry. In fact, the sector is already seeing disruption with many hedge funds now using the technology to conduct analysis and implement orders.

AltSignals is one of the upcoming projects that seeks to leverage the technology to boost its business. For starters, AltSignals is a company that provides technical analysis and signals to customers from around the world.

Its current business model involves conducting technical analysis and identifying trading opportunities. It uses indicators like moving averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), and the MACD.

While its trading signals are accurate, the management believes that embracing AI will make them better. According to its white paper, the technology will combine machine learning with natural language processing. Other technologies are regression and predictive modeling.

ASI token sale continues

As part of this development, the creators are running a token sale where users can participate in the project. Anyone can buy the ASI token for just 0.015 USDT. In the next stage, the price will jump by 25%. A lot of people have already bought the token. As you can see here, the token sale has raised over $1.011 million, which is equivalent to 93.68% of all tokens. 

The ASI token will power the AltSignals ecosystem. While it will be centralized initially, the developers hope to decentralize it in the future. This means that holders will be able to vote for the ecosystem’s growth and share the profits.

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