2-day countdown to Memeinator presale

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  • Memeinator opens presale on 27th September 2023.

  • The project aims to destroy weak meme cryptocurrencies.

  • The potential for Memeinator is huge, with a 132% ROI during the presale period.

“Your meme’s survival is not up to you. It’s up to me,” the upcoming Memeinator (MMTR) has warned. As the 27th September presale date approaches, Memeinator has been gathering fans. The project recorded over 1,000 sign-ups 20 minutes after its website went live. 5,000 also joined Memeinator’s Twitter and Telegram pages within a day of the site launch. But what is all the enthusiasm about Memeinator and its upcoming presale

A quick snapshot of meme cryptocurrencies

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have commanded presence as the leading meme cryptocurrencies. On CoinMarketCap, Dogecoin ranks at #7, while Shiba Inu is at #16 by market value. However, the wild success of the two low-utility tokens has attracted imitators. 

DOGE and SHIB have been boosted by online frenzy, attracting a following and increased use. But the world of crypto is changing, with weak tokens getting a wide berth among investors. As a result, both are exploring new ways to build utility and remain relevant. 

Nonetheless, a majority of DOGE and SHIB predecessors have been on a wild goose chase. Criminals have also taken advantage of the situation to launch scam tokens.

To put into perspective, the recent past has seen a growth in meme projects with little or no value. These tokens have no future, according to Memeinator, which says it has travelled back from 2077. 

Memeinator – the weak meme terminator

Memeinator, like its dictionary meaning, aims to become a deadly weapon for its weak meme rivals. The project uses AI to search the web for these undesirable memes and wipe them from the face of the earth.

Memeinator’s mission is two-fold. Ride the meme mania and give investors a chance to invest in something powerful. As such, Memeinator describes its entry into the meme space as an unstoppable resistant movement. 

As if the overnight sign-ups and following are an overshoot, Memeinator has an ambitious roadmap. The ERC-20 token targets a $1 billion market cap and listing on the leading exchanges. The project also seeks international support through its ingenious marketing that uses AI.

The AI layer also allows Memeinator to feed new and quality memes into the game. This increases the reputation of Memeinator, generating online chatter and popularity. The utility will enable Memeinator to increase exponentially and deliver returns.

What is the investment value of Memeinator?

The potential to return supernormal earnings makes Memeinator an attractive investment. AI gives the project a real utility for the token. A little recap … Dogecoin investors became overnight millionaires after the bullish trends of 2021. PEPE made supernormal over 10,000% gains earlier in the year. These are perfect opportunities to show how attractive meme investments have become. 

Memeinator seeks to gain value through domination. It will embark on strong marketing through AI mastery and a meme-targeting system. The aim is to become the leader of the resistance, gain popularity, and grow in value. From here, the gains in the token could be unstoppable for its early movers. 

Imagine the thrill of engaging in enemy combat through a Web 3.0 game. Multiple projects like Axie Infinity have crafted a name from it. Memeinator looks at a similar application. 

At the end of the presale, the project will look to launch the Memeinator game. Players engage in obliterating games by destroying rival memes and earning points. The game application adds to the utility of Memeinator, further increasing its domination. The prospect could be a long-term boost for the token. 

Is investing in Memeinator’s presale attractive?

Memeinator presale opens on 27th September. 62.50% of the 1,000,000,000 tokens in supply will be sold. The price opens at a bargain $0.01, with an expected $0.0485 at the conclusion of the presale. It means as the presale ends, investors will get tokens with an ROI of a whopping 132%.

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