Waves launches first free crypto school in the world

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Waves, one of the leading global crypto ecosystems, announced the launch of Waves School, which will offer free crypto and blockchain training in dozens of languages, Coin Journal learned from a press release

In line with its mission to make crypto understanding more accessible and widespread, the school was created with the goal of training anyone, regardless of previous knowledge or background in investment.

Experts in the field created and reviewed the content, which will be accessible to all regardless of academic or professional level. 

Just 1% of all people in the world are crypto experts

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs are thrown around a lot as terms, but few really know what they mean. Around 4.6 billion people in the world have internet access, and 2% of them own crypto assets. 

Just half of these people consider themselves experts on the subject. The understanding of the majority of cryptocurrency investors of fintech is low. 

From general to specific 

Waves School wants to bring blockchain tech to everyone with internet access. You sign up at the Waves School website.

Educational materials start with more general subjects like the world economy and the history of money to more specific concepts like digital assets, NFTs, lending, and borrowing.

Students who sign up for the courses can take tests and earn rewards for finishing modules. The school has a Discord channel where users can interact and have their questions answered.

Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov said: 

At Waves, we teach from the ground up because we know everyone can access blockchain technology. Armed with that certainty, we are breaking down the barriers to crypto knowledge with our free courses. Our motto is ‘learn to earn.’ Education is critical to grasping what the web 3.0 revolution is and what it will entail. With a solid and good understanding, people can make decisions responsibly.

Waves School will also let users open wallets, access the Waves blockchain, make their first cryptocurrency investments, and apply responsible and reliable investment strategies.

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