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A viral video shows a group of frustrated people teaming up together to push a car that was blocking traffic out of the way on a bridge in New York City over the weekend.

Social media users documented an aggravating night on the Manhattan Bridge, which connects Manhattan to Brooklyn, after a three-car crash on the Brooklyn-bound side late Saturday. Two people, a 30-year-old man and 54-year-old woman, were taken to the hospital in stable condition, the NYPD said. 

According to police, a 2017 BMW was left stuck sideways, leaving drivers in a standstill for almost two hours. Some passengers walked off the bridge after deciding not to wait any longer. 

Washington Post media reporter Jeremy Barr tweeted out a series of videos showing the car and a seemingly endless line of vehicles backing it up shortly after midnight Sunday. However, less than an hour later, another clip he shared showed several people banding together and pushing the car out of the way. People were seen jumping in the air in celebration after the car was moved. 

“The pissed off New Yorkers came together and literally pushed the car out of the way and the nightmare is over,” he wrote. 

The footage became a unifying theme of sorts for some New Yorkers on social media.

“Pissed off New Yorkers can do anything,” one Twitter user said.  

“A sideways turned car was blocking traffic on the Manhattan bridge. Nothing is more NYC then these folks taking matters in their own hands and moving the vehicle out of the way,” another said

One of the cars, a 2017 Mercedes, was towed, the NYPD said. The occupants of the vehicle ran away. Police said an investigation is underway and no arrests have been made.

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