The Queen Likes Blockchain – And I’m Convinced It’s No Empty Gesture

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  • Blockchain technology isn’t exactly the first thing you’d associate with the 94-year-old monarch, Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.
  • However, a blockchain journal from the British Blockchain Association has caught the Queen’s eye.
  • Validation and support from such a prominent figure will certainly not harm the fledgling industry.

When I think of publications and projects that could potentially catch the eye of the Queen, blockchain isn’t something that comes to mind.

Yet, this is exactly what happened.

The British Blockchain Association decided to send Her Majesty an edition of the Journal of the British Blockchain Association. And it seems the gesture caught the Queen’s eye.

The Queen’s interest in blockchain is quite the shock for many, given her advancing years. | Source: Twitter

The Queen receives a lot of documents and publications – this one catching her eye is significant

We all know that the Queen is a busy person. Reports that her own children and grandchildren have to book an appointment to speak to her aren’t too far off the mark!

We also know that as Head of State and the reigning Queen of the United Kingdom, a lot of letters, publications, and documents are sent her way.

The chances that all of them make it onto her desk and into her hands are slim. To receive a response is something rather special.

The journal that the Queen received, titled “the world’s first peer-reviewed, scientific blockchain journal,” appears to have interested the monarch.

Doctor Naqvi of the British Blockchain Association received a letter from Queen Elizabeth

Containing information on gender change and blockchain and GDPR, the journal also provided insight into government-led blockchain projects.

The open-access blockchain publication was made available to the Queen in both online and print format.

In response, Doctor Naseem Naqvi, chair of the organization, received a nice letter that read as follows:

Dear Doctor Naqvi, I have been asked to thank you for sending a copy of the sixth edition of the Journal of the British Blockchain Association. Her Majesty was interested to learn that the publication is the first open-access blockchain research journal available both in print and online. The Queen much appreciated your thoughtful gesture. In return, she has asked me to send her warm wishes to all concerned.

Cryptocurrency obviously provides more questions than answers in some regards! | Source: Twitter

Blockchain is very much the future, and validation from the Queen is a nice touch

While most know of blockchain as the technology that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it really is so much more.

We’ve seen governments implement the technology for more transparent elections and as a way to record data without it falling into the sole control of a central authority.

The industry is still in its early stages. But the future looks bright. And validation and words of encouragement from the Queen will undoubtedly do the cause no harm.

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