The 17 Best Recipes Our Food Staff Cooked Last Month

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The beauty of May is that it brings with it unadulterated spring weather. Cool days may appear from time to time, but there’s nary a whisper of the bitter cold. Produce, like hope, springs eternal, and nowhere was that clearer than on our plates. Last month, The New York Times Food and Cooking staff went wild in the face of bright flavors, favoring herbs, greens and ripe, succulent fruit over the slightly more staid flavors of cold weather cooking. Here are some of the meals we made in May.

There’s a lot more reason to celebrate these days, and, since those first summer strawberries are starting to pop up, I’ve been making pies, pairing the berries with rhubarb or balsamic vinegar. I share a slice or two, then keep the rest in the fridge and pick away at it, slice by tiny slice — for breakfast, for midafternoon snack, for an appetizer while I reheat leftovers. My go-to recipes come from the Brooklyn bakery Four and Twenty Blackbirds, but this recipe from Florence Fabricant and this classic Times recipe can get you there, too. KRYSTEN CHAMBROT

Recipe: Lattice-Top Strawberry Pie

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