Skip the business books this summer, says leadership expert: These 7 works of fiction will offer fresh perspectives

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Business books may be able to explain why it’s important to leverage diverse perspectives, but they tend to be too model-driven to adequately reflect the complexities of the real world. For those insights, especially if you’re in a management position, reach for works of fiction.

I read and recommend fiction when challenging issues arise. Great fiction challenges me with its multifaceted characters in the context of different cultures, identities, conflicts and time periods; this complexity is what many leaders need most to alter their point of view in positive ways.

As a professor of leadership, here are seven literary gems from a diverse set of authors that I’ve read and enjoyed. They make for compelling summer reading and offer some surprising leadership lessons:

1. ‘The Moor’s Account’

2. ‘To Live’

3. ‘Moth Smoke’

4. ‘Less’

5. ‘The Intuitionist’

6. ‘Pachinko’

7. ‘Klara and the Sun’

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