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Hello and welcome to Five Weeknight Dishes, though really my thoughts are with dessert today, chocolate desserts in particular. Sunday is Valentine’s Day, and while I have zero plans to cook an elaborate dinner, and might even order takeout, I will grab this moment to make something obscenely chocolaty. The current contenders: chocolate lava cake, double chocolate cookies, bittersweet chocolate soufflé or maybe even a chocolate caramel tart.

But sadly this is not a desserts newsletter. (Unless you want a special desserts edition? If so, let me know: This is a newsletter about the stuff you cook before you get dessert.

All but one of the recipes below are very simple, though I think special, too. They are good for weeknights and also work for Valentine’s Day if you don’t want to do something “romantic” but do want to show someone love. (Especially the spaghetti carbonara. Say “I love you” with carbonara.)

And a very happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate! Mouthwatering recipes for the holiday are right this way.

Here are five dishes for the week:

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