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It may seem like LeBron James is going to do this forever, but he won’t. And that’s why any time missed in what is left in his prime cannot be dismissed as a small thing.

There’s a reason we all made such a big deal about what he was doing at age 36, in year 18…because it’s not supposed to happen. To that point, it won’t surprise me in the slightest if he recovers from his high ankle sprain faster than anyone could imagine.

But even though he was able to momentarily return to the game, both by the way he went down and then ultimately left the floor, you could tell he knew he was hurt—and now someone who once seemed invincible has suffered his two most significant injuries in the last several seasons. While we all assume he’ll be back in a few weeks and ready for the playoff run, assuming the Lakers don’t fall too far and have to play their way in, that doesn’t mean games missed are meaningless.

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