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Good morning. Here we go again. Another week at the desk by the bed. I’m not complaining, though! Come dinnertime, I’m just steps from the kitchen, and with some ace new recipes, too.

I’m excited to try Hetty McKinnon’s yo po mian (above), Shaanxi hot oil noodles, in which noodles and greens are topped with garlic and chiles, and then hot oil is poured over the top to deliver big flavors fast. That’d be a fine meal.

Eric Kim brought us a terrific gochugaru salmon with crispy rice that I’d like to try, too: The fish is seared in a skillet and painted with a sweet and spicy glaze, and a pancake of rice is toasted in the salmon’s rendered fat.

And I can’t wait to mess around with Ali Slagle’s latest cleverness: a creamy chive pasta that is a great use of chives as a star ingredient as opposed to a garnish, in a creamy lemon pasta that you can vary with different alliums (leeks, for instance) and creams (heavy, crème fraîche, ricotta); and a creamy lemon slaw that tastes a little like a vegan Caesar, made with tahini and mustard.

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