A Tough Task Awaits Bridich

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The Rockies took a step toward relevance on Monday, when they announced they had “mutually agreed” with Jeff Bridich that he should no longer be their general manager. Over six-plus seasons helming the team, Bridich made it clear he cannot win there. Colorado’s next challenge will be finding someone who can.

This is perhaps the least enviable job in baseball. Denver is a great place, with a passionate fan base, terrific food and a delightful mascot, Dinger. Its fans deserve a sustainably good team. They did not get one under Bridich. His teams never won the division. (They did twice make the playoffs as the wild card, getting bounced within four games each time.) He spent two years trading barbs publicly with third baseman Nolan Arenado, the face of the franchise, and finally paid $51 million to watch him play elsewhere. Speaking of ill-spent sums, Bridich signed 10 free agents to multi-year deals worth $290 million in his tenure. Those players combined to produce negative-four wins above replacement. Rival officials bemoaned Bridich’s departure.

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