2021 Fantasy Baseball: Dual Aces Theory – Two Stud Pitchers is Key

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The fantasy world is an ever-changing market. Each year fantasy owners have more information and more tools to help them make better-educated decisions. When I first came to the high-stakes market in 2004, I sat in my seat, and I took the player I thought was the most valuable to my team at that time. It was the purest time in fantasy baseball. It was about understanding the player pool and having vision within the draft. The better you can see the future, the better you could predict the draft flow and future opportunities.

Early Days of Fantasy Baseball

As each year passed, fantasy owners had more information to help them become better players. After the first year, fantasy owners had the winning results and the final category totals. Both of these pieces of information helped teams plan their strategy for the following year.

As the high-stakes fantasy market grew, fantasy owners had more draft results to help them make educated decisions within the draft. The draft flow was a massive piece of information for owners who had the foresight to see the critical components for their team development while understanding how they wanted to build their teams.

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