Price Analysis 7/31: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, ADA,CRO, BNB, EOS

Bitcoin finally broke through the $11.2K resistance and Ethereum’s continued strength is likely to pull several altcoin prices higher. Economists are divided on the consequences of record low interest rates across the globe and the incessant money printing by the central banks. However, one thing that most experts agree upon is that investors should get […]

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Why Japan Fell in Love with Monacoin, the Cat Meme Cryptocurrency

Never mind the cute Shiba Inu of dogecoin, people in Japan are falling for a new Internet meme-based cryptocurrency – the locally invented and cat-logoed ‘monacoin’. While it has only about a third the market cap of dogecoin, the scrypt-based monacoin held a 12th place ranking for the past week on Coinmarketcap and was in the top 10 on Cryptocoinrank with a […]

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Cryptocurrency has proven much more resilient than other traditional financial instruments during the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Combined with a rapid increase in interest for DeFi (Decentralised Finance) and concerns over the potential impact of quantitative easing, the cryptocurrency market is now seeing a massive influx of people who are looking to […]

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Riot Reverses Saudi Partnership, But Employees Expose Bigger Failure

Riot Games reverses its controversial decision to partner with the Saudi government. The developer had announced Saudi city-state development NEOM as a “main partner” for League of Legends esports tournament, the LEC. While many seem happy with the decision, Riot employees have also criticized the company’s bigger issues. After less than 24 hours of backlash […]

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Crypto-News.Net is going through some changes, and we want to make them with you.

Disclaimer: This is an update from the editorial team to our readers. In our efforts to generate a vocal community we are going to need help. This is where you, a potentially loyal reader of come in the picture. This article will take you 5 minutes to read and your participation will influence the […]

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William Shatner’s NFT Collectibles Sell Out at Warp Speed

Digital collectibles featuring personal memorabilia from the actor best known as Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise have sold out in just minutes. Non-fungible token (NFT) trading cards featuring images from William Shatner’s personal life and career, from the 1930s to today, sold out in nine minutes according to WAX. The online marketplace for virtual […]

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